Create your Wedding Planning Checklist with TaskLabels

Plan your dream wedding with ease and beauty


Choosing the flowers, hiring the caterers, not to mention finding the perfect wedding dress; everyone wants their wedding day to go without a hitch and planning your special day with TaskLabels will make getting hitched a dream come true.

Make sure your man hires his suit and your bridesmaids have matching shoes by sharing your tasks with them. Countdown to your big day with the TaskLabels calendar, which shows all your wedding to-dos, due-dates and labels. The progress bar on each task also tells you how long till your deadline. And don’t panic, if you get preoccupied tasting wedding cake – you can also see the overdue tasks that still need to be taken care of.

There are so many things to think about before going down the aisle, so it’s important that your wedding planning ideas and tasks can be placed in multiple categories that are personal to you. Choosing the wine for the reception might go under a ‘Reception’ label, but also ‘Food and Drink’ or ‘With John’. That way whichever label you check, you can clearly see the tasks that need completing.

Unlike other to-do list applications, we want to make sure that your labels and tasks remain personal to you. We believe that, like your dream wedding, making a list is a personal experience, so each of your labels should be what YOU need, not a pre-made set of categories.

To-do lists shouldn’t be a limitation, and that’s why when using TaskLabels you can make tasks as detailed or simple as you like. Even after you’ve added a task, you can go back and add information, change and add labels, edit dates or add an alarm to alert you that your task needs to be completed soon.