Take Advantage of Time Stamps 1

Our computers allow us to see each file’s date: when it was created, last modified, and completed. Consequently, our computers allow us to sort whole lists of files by these criteria. Why don’t most to-do apps allow us to do the same?

Well, TaskLabels certainly does. By hovering over the Time Stamps button in the web app, or by tapping the button in our mobile app, you can checkout exactly what date and time your task was created, modified, and completed (if it’s been completed). You can also sort tasks based on these criteria, just like on your PC or Mac.


Time Stamps open up a variety of usages. Here are just a few examples:

  • You look at a task’s name and it seems ambiguous and you’re not sure why you created it, perhaps you made it a long time ago? A glance at the date it was created might jog your memory!
  • You want to keep some of your Labels as simple lists of items sorted chronologically. Just click on the Sort icon and choose Date Created. Click again if you want to reverse the order.
  • Your boss has an impression that you haven’t finished some task on time? Easy. Just find your completed task, look up the date it was completed and show your boss the proof!


Time stamping is a convenient feature that many other to-do apps lack. It’s an additional way of tracking your progress and measuring your success. And since all tasks are automatically time stamped, they will only show up if you actually want to access them. Thus, they are always there, if you need them.


Time Stamps

Time Stamps show precisely when tasks were created, last modified, and completed (as shown in the web app).

In our mobile app, tap Time Stamps in the lower right corner.


In our mobile and web apps, there are seven sorting criteria to choose from (Manual, Alphabetical, Due Date, Priority, Date Created, Date Modified, and Date Completed).