The Essential List of 8 Productivity Blogs with Different Approaches to Efficiency

The amount of information online about improving productivity has grown exponentially over the last 10 years. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of noise, clichés, and regurgitated advice out there.

Too often people forget that productivity is largely personal and apart from some common basics, there really is no one-solution-fits-all and no secret sauce. What will work for a corporate lawyer might very well not work for a lion tamer, and vice versa.

There’re just too many variables to take into consideration to make totally universal (and specific) advice possible. Not all people are early birds. Not all people want to be disciplined or efficient to the same extent. And more importantly, not all people want to be productive for the same reasons.

That’s why we’ve comprised a list of 8 experts in the industry who all have their own unique approach to productivity, time management, and self development. Check out the list below and discover what works best for you:

1. Aaron Lynn and Thanh Pham of Asian Efficiency


These two asian dudes are time management veterans. They’ve been in this game for a while and they know pretty much all the productivity hacks you could ever ask for. They specialize in establishing systems that could save you literally hours each day. You’ll want to check them out, especially if you’re a Mac person—they have many tools and solutions to improve your productivity on Apple’s platform.

Rumor has it that they’ve been posting some golden nuggets about productivity while running a household and parenting—definitely check them out if you do any of these!

2. Marc and Angel of Hack Life


This very productive and cheerful couple provides very fresh and insightful personal development articles to help you crush it in life. Efficiency is not all about implementing the right systems and habits—it’s also about mindfulness and realizing that you need to start thinking in certain ways. Marc and Angel are professional coaches who will teach you not just about productivity, but also about tweaking your life towards a more fulfilling one and how to avoid happiness stealers.

Check out their blog if you’re the kind of person that wants more balance, happiness, and better relationships.

3. Craig Jarrow of Time Management Ninja


If you’re someone that’s looking to reclaim your time (whether that be at work or elsewhere), Craig Jarrow’s TMN is the place to go. His best work includes titles like “7 Ways to Avoid Interruptions at Work”, “8 Ways to Have Fewer Meetings in Your Day”, and “5 Simple Truths to Help You Stay Organized and Clutter Free”.

This might just be the best resource for you if you’re in the corporate world.


4. Merlin Mann of 43 Folders


Merlin’s site launched over 10 years ago and the main theme of it has always been managing one’s time and career in a way that enables one to become fully engaged in the most creative and meaningful work.

If you’re tired of buzzword-packed, 700-word articles about productivity and would rather enjoy some more classic writing with some state-of-the-art storytelling with lots of ingenuity (while telling important lessons about efficiency and work), 43 Folders is just for you.


5. Mark Shead of Productivity501

Mark, being a professional that helps businesses boost their efficiency, has a very pragmatic and rational approach to productivity. Coming from a software engineering background, he has this “algorithmic” take on effective self-management techniques. For one, I really like how he debunked a seemingly logical idea that you should outsource all of your tasks that are valued at below your hourly rate in this article.

If you’re looking for a no-BS approach to efficiency, or want to get the gist on some of the cutting-edge, productivity-boosting technology out there, look no further than Productivity501.


6. LJ Earnest of Whole Life Productivity


Laura, who goes by the pseudonym “LJ Earnest”, is a full time math teacher at a high school and leads a very busy life. She focuses on not just hacking your productivity for work, but also for life. In this day and age where, due to technology, work seems to blur into our personal lives, Laura helps us manage drawing that line between the two and gives us a more holistic approach to leveraging productivity for a more balanced life.


If you, like her, are on a very busy schedule and are looking to reclaim more of your personal life while working efficiently, she’s your go-to person!


Bonus – Home and Office Organization Ninjas


7. The team at Unclutterer


The Unclutterer team focuses on home and office organization. Whether you need some serious decluttering or are just looking for some smart techniques to keep your environment neat and organized, their directory has it all. It’s a great all-around resource for streamlining not only the organization of your physical stuff, but also for your computer, and even social media accounts. Hope you’ll like them as much as we do!


8. Laura Wittmann of I’m an Organizing Junkie


As the title of her blog would suggest, Laura is a real organizing addict. She’s a work-at-home mom and along with 7 other female contributors she’s been dropping some hot tips on the different ways and techniques to organize and declutter your home. She also fully lays out an entire organizing process that you could start implementing straight away.

If she sounds like someone who could really get you back on track, you’ve got to check out her blog!


That is going to wrap up this list. Do you know of some productivity blogger that caters better to your personal needs? Let us know in the comments and enable others to benefit from them as well!