TaskLabels 3.0 FAQ and Update Schedule

– [iOS and Web] Allow quick entry method (Android version already has this implemented)
– [All platforms] Improvement of the help documentation. Tooltips for web version.
– [All platforms] Expand the “Title” character limit from 70 to 512. “Description” from 512 to 2048
– [All platforms] You can see the entire task title without having to click in to see the rest. We will do this by adjusting the height margins for tasks in so the list will be dynamically adjusted based on the length of text.
– [All platforms] Text boxes in the task detailed view will be dynamically adjusted based on the length of text


[ FAQ ]
Q) How can I see the detail view of a task on the web version of Tasklabels?
A) Double-click the task. (we will also add a single-click icon in the next release)

Q) Why are my tasks duplicated in each entry when I print them?
A) We have added a “description” field to each task. All tasks created from a previous version will have the same content duplicated for both “Title” and “Description”. We will include an option to choose to print just the title or both in an upcoming release.

Q) How can I delete a task? It seems I can only “archive” it. (Premium Subscribers)
A) You can change the setting between “Delete” and “Archive” in the settings. In an upcoming version we will remove this settings toggle and just allow you to choose to delete or archive instead on the fly.

Q) My iOS device is unable to upgrade to iOS7 and I can no longer access my tasks.
A) If you have been regularly syncing your tasks then you can simply access your tasks on our web version at www.tasklabels.com.
There is also a “trick” that you can do to access all your tasks on your existing iPhone. Just turn on “Airplane Mode” on your iPhone 4 or turn off wifi in your iPod or iPad so that you have no internet connectivity. Then if you run TaskLabels it will no longer check with the server and try to force you to update. You can then access all your tasks however you will no longer be able to sync your tasks with the server.