Using the Pomodoro Technique with TaskLabels 1

A Simple, Yet Powerfully Effective Technique The Pomodoro Technique is one of the simplest productivity tools in the market and it has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. If you haven’t heard of it yet, here’s the scoop: Select a task Set a timer to X minutes (Usually 25 minutes) Work for the entire period on nothing but that task Don’t allow anyone or anything to interrupt you … Continue reading

How to Reclaim Your Focus by Saying ‘No’

Are you trying to take on absolutely everything on your to-do list? Perhaps sometimes you fall into a trap of trying to please everyone and never saying “No” to anything? If so, you need to realize a simple fact: what actually separates high achievers from ordinarily lazy people is not the number of ambitious things that a person attempts to do; but rather the ability to say “No” to all the non-essential … Continue reading

PPT: The 6 Most Common Myths About Working From Home

Working from home comes with certain advantages and disadvantages, as well as its own challenges. See how we debunk the 6 most common myths about working from your home. This PPT also provides solutions to overcome some typical obstacles that you’ll come across if you decide to set up shop at your residence. Click the button below to download this PPT as a PDF. DOWNLOAD

4 Ways in Which TaskLabels is Your Ultimate Household Chore Manager

Household chores can be a drag. Especially when there’re so many of them, you lose track of who should do what, when, and how often. Weekly chores like taking the kids to dance lessons can sometimes overlap with bi-weekly chores like going grocery shopping, as well as with some monthly, or even yearly chores.   When you stop to think about it, there’s a lot to do around the house: vacuuming, … Continue reading

Project Manage and Keep Your Team on Track With TaskLabels

Project manage and keep your team on track TaskLabels is great for managing your business projects and keeping a team on track with their individual assignments. Your account can be accessed anywhere so whether you’re on the go for meetings or working in an office, you can sync your tasks to all your platforms with ease. What makes TaskLabels such an effective tool to manage projects online is its sharing … Continue reading