Paper or Digital? Get the Best of Two Worlds with Printable To-Do Lists!

Both paper and digital to-do lists come with their advantages as well as limitations. But what if you could get the best of those two worlds instead of settling on either one?


to-do app vs to-do list



The advantages of paper to-do lists

These are truly interesting times for geeks and techies alike — working on your documents in the cloud, digitizing everything from your receipts to your personal notes, automatic cross-platform syncing between many different services, running apps on our wrists (think Apple Watch) and the list keeps growing.

But the fact that paper to-do lists are still prevalent remains. Simple to-do lists on sheets of paper, personal organizers, notepads, printable to-do lists, you name it, they’re here to stay. Here’s why:


  • There’s nothing like physically checking things off on your to-do list.
  • They don’t take up real estate on your computer screen (which is always scarce, especially if you’re working on one monitor).
  • You may have  a better overview of all the tasks you want to do on that given day.
  • Paper represents flexibility and freedom: you can draw schemes, link items together, and jot down ideas. There’s no limit to what you can do!
  • It’s easy and there is no learning curve required. You simply write, draw, doodle, highlight, erase or use a different color.


So does that mean from now on you should forgo all your mobile and online to-do apps and settle on paper all the way? Far from it.

What we’d like to suggest is getting the best out of two worlds. Read on.




The advantages of to-do apps


Think about all the things that a mobile or online to-do app is good for:

  • Ease of re-scheduling, updating, and re-organizing to do lists and tasks.
  • Ability to filter, sort, and search whole lists of tasks.
  • Accessibility (on all devices, wherever you go) and data backup.
  • Automatic recurring tasks, reminders, and push notifications.
  • Ability to share and collaborate on tasks.

These things are not available on paper, and never will be available (unless some kind of new invention pops up — we’re looking forward to that!).

But many of us still like to keep a paper to-do list. It can feel so much better to go through your daily tasks with a physical list that you’re able to write on and check things off. Especially while working at your desk.

Well, we’re here to tell you that you can have your cake and eat it too!



Print your to-do lists and checklists directly from TaskLabels


That’s right. Now you can print the entire labels (e.g., lists) with just 2 clicks.



From TaskLabels’ online version for PCs and Macs (, go to any label and click on the printer icon in the upper-right corner. Now you’re just one click away from having the list turned into a printed version! Just decide whether you want to print only the tasks (Titles) or the tasks as well as the tasks’ descriptions (Titles & Descriptions).


printed checklist
Ta-da! Your label is nicely printed and organized just the way you want it. There’re even convenient check-boxes rendered for every item so you can tick off each task once it’s completed.

This opens a whole lot of new options:


  • Use TaskLabels as a main directory where you keep all your projects and to-dos. Plan your next day by simply adding chosen tasks to a label named, say, ‘Today’. Then print that label the previous night or in the morning! (or, alternatively, you could try planning your next day by using time blocking).
  • Have a designated label for collecting ideas; e.g., ‘Marketing Ideas’. As soon as the next team brainstorming session or meeting comes around, just print the entire list of the ideas you’ve collected.
  • Print all your labels to get a 33,000 ft view on what’s happening in your life (please remember to recycle the pape). This could be the first step in decluttering your life.
  • Print up entire shopping lists.
  • Print up homework assignments for students.
  • Print up daily work schedules.
  • Print up lists of chores for children.
  • Print up travel plans.
  • And much more!


to-do app vs to-do list
So there you have it. To start using TaskLabels and get the best of two worlds, go to our APP DOWNLOAD PAGE.