You’ve Talked, We’ve Listened: (New Feature) My Progress – See Your Weekly and Monthly Performance!

We’re excited to announce a new feature in our TaskLabels Web app – My Progress!

Now you can get a nice visual overview of your performance for the previous week as well as the last month.

To do that, simply go to your top navigation menu in the Web app and click on this icon:



The following pop-up window will appear showing your progress report. The first item displayed is your Weekly Completed Tasks report, which shows your progress over the last 2 weeks (this week + last week). Each vertical line represents a day of the week, while the horizontal lines represent the number of tasks completed. The line graph displays the number of tasks you’ve completed this week (in orange) overlaid with the number of tasks you completed the previous week (in light green).

It also displays a status indicator showing the percentage of all your TaskLabel tasks that have been completed.



Below in the same window are your Monthly Completed Tasks – a line graph displaying the number of tasks you completed this month overlaid with the number of tasks you completed last month. This way you can compare how productive you’ve been this month with how productive you were last month. If you like seeing the big picture, you’ll really love this new feature!





This new addition came to life because a few of our users requested it. This just goes to show that we listen to you, our TaskLabels customers, and your suggestions and comments really matter. We appreciate your suggestions and feedback and then consult our productivity gurus to come up with new ways to make TaskLabels better.

So what are you waiting for? Send us some feedback and help make TaskLabels better!