How To Save Yourself From Moving Madness – A TaskLabels Use Case

Moving home should be an exciting time but it is said to be one of the most stressful events you will undertake in your lifetime.

But, what must have certainly been a headache and paper list madness for previous generations, doesn’t have to be merely as painful for you. It’s because nowadays you can take the advantage of modern technology to smarten up your next move.

You need a task manager that will arrange your moving list tasks in an easily accessible format.

Instead of using a paper list or a .doc file, you might want to create labels, e.g. a different label for each one of your rooms, or item category like kitchenware. Multiple label tagging means that one task doesn’t just have to be part of one label. You might have labels for each room in the house, and a task that will be included in all of them. Create a task, let’s say ‘pack fragile items’ and simply add as many labels as you want.

Moving is oftentimes not a one person job, so being able to share your labels with your family members or even your moving company can be essential for your move to run smoothly. You could either collaborate on your ‘moving labels’, instantly and easily have them sent by email or use 1-click printing.

Only 3 weeks left before the big move? Create your own personal countdown and view individual tasks or labels in the calendar. TaskLabels will alert you with tasks that need to completed that day so those important tasks don’t get left to the last minute. And the unique feature of at-a-glance due-date indicators will make sure that you always have an easy overview on how fast you’re approaching your deadlines.


TaskLabels can be taken with you wherever you go. So if you’re taking the kids to school and you realize you need to arrange a plumber to connect your utilities in your new home, just add the task to your moving list labels and everything will be instantly and automatically synced on all your devices.