Key Features

You’ve Talked, We’ve Listened: (New Feature) My Progress – See Your Weekly and Monthly Performance!

We’re excited to announce a new feature in our TaskLabels Web app – My Progress! Now you can get a nice visual overview of your performance for the previous week as well as the last month. To do that, simply go to your top navigation menu in the Web app and click on this icon:     The following pop-up window will appear showing your progress report. The first item displayed … Continue reading

Take Advantage of Time Stamps 1

Our computers allow us to see each file’s date: when it was created, last modified, and completed. Consequently, our computers allow us to sort whole lists of files by these criteria. Why don’t most to-do apps allow us to do the same? Well, TaskLabels certainly does. By hovering over the Time Stamps button in the web app, or by tapping the button in our mobile app, you can checkout exactly what date and time your task was created, modified, … Continue reading

Collaborating on Tasks and Projects on the Go Has Never Been Easier

We present the easiest task sharing on the go, ever. Think about the last time you tried to share a task or a project with someone. Did you manually enter and then e-mail the information to them? Did you use post-it notes at your home or office? Or maybe you created a Google Doc with some step-by-step instructions for someone? We often manage our to-dos using a mixture of paper, … Continue reading