It’s Time to Cancel Your Premium TaskLabels Subscription

TaskLabels Premium is Now Free

Hi everyone! We wanted to thank you all for supporting TaskLabels over the years. We have a bit of good news, but unfortunately mostly bad news that you need to pay attention to if you are currently using TaskLabels.

The little morsel of good news is, TaskLabels Premium is now free of charge. For those of you who have paid for a subscription, we wanted to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU for keeping TaskLabels running for the last 8 years. It is because of your support that we have been able to work on this project and we truly appreciate it. Please know that we have done our absolute best to serve you.  

The bad news is, TaskLabels will soon be closing its doors. Though we have loved serving your list-making needs, the landscape has become too competitive for a small company like ours to stay afloat. We had many long, difficult conversations before coming to this conclusion. Every one of us uses TaskLabels personally each day to manage our tasks and we will all miss it.

We plan to take down the app and website on September 15th, 2019.

What does this all mean?

For those of you who are currently paying for a subscription, kindly cancel your subscription. We will continue to let you access all of the premium features and your tasks until we close our doors.

Below are the instructions for cancelling your subscription. Unfortunately, we have no way of doing this for you, so you need to cancel manually according to which platform you initially used to upgrade to premium.

How to Cancel a Google Play Android App Subscription

How to Cancel an iTunes iOS App Subscription

How to Cancel a PayPal Subscription (for TaskLabels Web)

Cancelling your subscription will not erase any data from your account. You can continue using TaskLabels normally until September 15th, 2019. Prior to that, you will need to export all of your data by logging in to the web version of TaskLabels, and using the Export All My Data button (function currently under construction, instructions will be emailed to you when it is ready). Once TaskLabels is closed, all user data, including account information like username and password, will be permanently deleted.

Thank you once again for using TaskLabels, we will miss you.

Heartfelt regards,

Everyone here at TaskLabels