Is Your To-Do App Brain-Friendly? 1

If you’re using Gmail, you probably know that it allows assigning multiple labels to any item in your inbox:



What does it have to do with TaskLabels you ask? Well, TL also allows multiple (color-coded) labels:



While it’s not necessarily a very special feature that merits boasting about, it turns out it’s not as easy to find an app that simply does that:


Simple, perfect I searched through a many task apps before I found this one. Because I have been using gmail for such a long time, multiple tags has become the way my brain likes to store and access information. I was really surprised how hard it was to find a simple task app which supports this. Todoist offers it as a premium feature, but I feel it’s essential. Tasklabels isn’t the prettiest app out there, but it does do exactly what I need it to, including syncing across devices. Well done guys!

Amber Dowell



This is a 5-star review Amber has left us on Google Store 4 months ago.

This got me really thinking. Notice that our brains don’t work like storage with a separate box for every category or context of our life. All the contexts, places and themes – it’s all connected.

Take a look at this example. Let’s say we create a new task: ‘Order new chairs’. We decide to delegate it to one of our colleagues and assign 3 different labels: #General @office, #Online orders and #To delegate (see the screenshot on top).

From now on we’ll have 3 options to look at our stuff:

  • Bird’s eye view (#General @office) – all the stuff to do while at work
  • Project view (#Online orders) – all the stuff regarding online orders
  • All the tasks to delegate (#To delegate) – so you can keep a track on everything that needs to be delegated. Add ‘#Waiting for’ label to keep those delegated tasks in check.

No more wondering to which box should you go in order to access the information you need for that moment. Using contexts is easy, intuitive and deadly effective because that’s how your brain works.

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