How Unchecking Your Tasks Can Make You More Productive

TaskLabels is a truly versatile task manager. However, just when you thought you knew all its features and uses, it surprises you with yet another function that can boost your productivity up a notch.


We recently received this email from one of our users:


I have a grocery label for my frequently purchased grocery items & it’s sorted alphabetically. Items I need to buy are unchecked and the rest are checked. When I’m running low on something, I “uncheck” that item and it pops back on my “To Buy” list. When shopping I have an alpha list of what I need and, as I drop items into my cart, each one is checked off on TaskLabels and then the item immediately drops to my “To Buy” completed list.   —Debbie


This is brilliant!

We’ve made a GIF to illustrate this unique method:




While we haven’t deliberately designed the app for this specific use, it’s a ‘byproduct’ of the way tasks and lists in TaskLabels work.
Think of a Label as if it were a container. Once you input any kind of task or item into that container, it will stay in the container even if you mark it as completed. Tasks disappear only when you decide to archive them or delete them.
Have you ever used a to-do app, online or mobile, and checked off your to-do items only to find out that your completed tasks have all disappeared? This can be very frustrating especially if you want to see what you’ve completed on a given day or want to repeat the task sometime in the future.
With TaskLabels you can always keep track of every task, completed or uncompleted. Not only that, you can also go deeper and see exactly when your tasks were created, last modified, and completed by utilizing our Time Stamps feature.

So how exactly can TaskLabels’ unique system of handling checked and unchecked items help make your life easier and more productive?

Here’s a list of potential use cases:


  • For daily routines: keep a list of things you want to do every day, then tick them off once you complete them; untick them the following day and do it all over again.
  • As a packing list: make your packing list when preparing for your next trip. Check all the items you have actually packed. After you’re back from your trip, just start unchecking the items as you take them out. This way you won’t have to go through the whole list scanning your items.
  • For Chores: Got kids with lots of chores? Share your list with them and have your kids tick the items off once each chore is done. Then untick them when the items need to be done again. Also with our Time Stamps feature, you can actually see when each chore was done.
  • For Recipes: Simply jot down the items needed and list each step as a task. Then share your recipes with friends and family. They can tick each item on your list and untick them once they want to prepare your recipe again.
  • Repetitive Checklists: Do you have to follow a strict checklist every day? Use TaskLabels to share your lists and check each item off your list once the task is completed. Uncheck your list the next day and do it all over again.
  • Steps: Got something that requires a lot of steps? List each step as a task and tick it off when completed. Then untick the tasks and do them all over again or work backwards through your list to undo the process.


Let us know if you come up with any special uses for TaskLabels or come up with any more uses for our complete/uncomplete feature.