How to Export All of Your TaskLabels Data

TaskLabels will no longer be available after September 15th, 2019. All user data, including account information like usernames and passwords will be permanently deleted after this date.

Why is this happening?

Unfortunately, our small company can no longer compete with the plethora of task management tools on the market today. We have loved serving you and your list-making needs throughout the last 8 years, and we hope you will find a service that suits your needs.

How to Export Your Data

If you want to save your data, log in to your TaskLabels account on the website before September 15th, 2019 and export your data. Manually sync your data from your mobile device to make sure that all of your tasks are up to date on our servers. You can do this by tapping the icon with two arrows in the app.

While logging in, if you are experiencing issues running Flash, please refer to the instructions provided for your web browser on the login screen about how to run Flash.

Once you are logged-in, you will see a button at the top of your account that says “Export All My Data”. Click this button and your data will be exported into a csv file. This file includes the following information about your tasks: task, task notes, priority level, due date, repetition, date created, date last modified, current status, and a list of any other labels that the task appears under.

Note that only labels that your account owns will be exported. Shared labels which belong to another TaskLabels user will not be included in the CSV file. If you need a copy of these shared labels, please ask the owner of these labels to export their data and share it with you.

For questions or concerns, please email us at