How It Works

Create Labels

If you’re like us, you know how important it is to categorize your tasks into labels. Labeling simplifies task management and is one of the most effective ways to keep track of all your ongoing projects and lists, and be more productive.

You’ll love TaskLabels if you are a visual person. Customize your labels by choosing from a variety of colors, adding icons and color-coding.

Add Tasks

Choose between adding tasks quickly or adding more detailed information to each task, including: Setting due dates, reminders, notes, priority levels, recurrence options, and assigning each task to one or more labels.

Assign Multiple Labels

Assigning multiple labels to one task allows you to better track, manage, and share important tasks. This not only helps you to better manage your projects but also allows for a lot of flexibility. For example, you can create one task such as ‘Order new chairs’ and assign it to multiple labels such as ‘General @office’, ‘Online orders’, and ‘To delegate’.

Schedule & Track with the Calendar

An easy to use calendar helps you quickly navigate your to-dos and get a monthly overview of your tasks. Simply tap a date to add a task quickly to that particular day. Items in red are overdue, items in blue are shared, and green circles represent completed tasks.

Sync Across All Your Devices

Conveniently, TaskLabels allows you to connect and backup your data via multiple devices such as on the web (PC and Mac), smartphone (Android & iPhone), and tablet (Android & iPad). So you can easily access your data and stay on top of your to-dos!

Intuitive Task Indicators

We’ve added intuitive task indicators to help you quickly visualize what’s due, coming due, overdue, and way overdue!

Task list view: Task indicators are incorporated into round checkboxes. Each circle has a status bar that starts filling up as the due date is approaching. Completed tasks are checked off, overdue tasks have a red status bar, and way overdue ones show an exclamation mark.

Calendar view: Our user-friendly calendar clearly shows your monthly tasks. Easily see how many tasks were completed on any given day. Red items are overdue, black items are coming due, while shared items are in blue. Each time you complete a task, a green circle is displayed so you can see how productive you have been.

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Share Lists & Labels

Sharing labels, lists, and projects with family, coworkers, and friends is easier than ever. Effortlessly set users’ viewing rights (Editable or Read Only) and manage your shared content. Use the quick sync capabilities to collaborate with others in real time. And if you’re active on Facebook, you can also share info with friends on the popular networking platform.

Sort Like a King

Besides prioritizing tasks, you can also sort tasks either alphabetically, by due-date, priority level, date created, modified or completed. And if you want to set your own order, you can sort your tasks manually as well.

Search Through All Your Lists

With TaskLabels you’re never far from locating your data. Simply search through all your labels using keywords or filter your results by searching through targeted labels. You can also add labels to a list of favorites so you can quickly access the ones you use most often.

Time Stamps

Your tasks are automatically time stamped (just like files on your computer!). This feature helps you easily keep track of when tasks were created, last modified, and completed (if completed). This is just one more way TaskLabels helps you track your performance and improve your productivity.

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Drag & Drop Tasks into Labels (Web only)

Reorganizing your tasks into labels just got much easier and more intuitive. From your Label list view, click on any label, then just drag and drop a task into the desired label!

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