Easy Grocery Lists – A TaskLabels Use Case 1


There’s nothing worse than writing out your grocery list then losing it before you get to the store. With TaskLabels, you can add your grocery list to your account via your tablet or computer whilst at home then sync to your mobile providing you with a grocery list across many platforms.

So you’re heading to the local grocery store to pick up your essentials, but you love that cheese from the deli across town. Not heading in that direction? Share your tasks with other family members to complete your grocery shopping together.

Unlike classic to-do lists, you can add a time limit to your tasks. Maybe you’re cooking a big family dinner, or need to collect a birthday cake? Add the date and time of when you need to complete your task and TaskLabels will give you with an advanced warning so you don’t forget those essential errands. You can also check your labels and tasks in a calendar view, so you can arrange your schedule in advance.

Labeling your groceries can really utilize your time. You can place multiple labels on one product making it easier to shop by location, grocery store name, or even who you are buying it for.

There are many ways to set up your TaskLabels and we encourage you to personalize your labels with any title that best suits your needs.