We currently do not provide a way to manually sort labels. However, we created a Favorites section (Denoted by the star icon: ) that allows users to easily arrange and manage labels that are frequently used. The Favorites section displays icons, each label’s name, the number of tasks in each label, and they are all color coded. Labels highlighted in red mean that one or more of the tasks in the label is overdue.

To add a label to your list of favorites:

  1. Select the plus sign (add_icon) followed by My Favorite Labels.
  2. Tick the relevant labels and select Save.

To view your favorites, select the Favorites icon ().

To rearrange your favorites on your iPhone or iPad: Tap, hold and then drag the label to its new location. From an Android device: Long hold, then drag the label to its new location. Note: There is no sorting function in the Favorites section of the web version.