How do I synchronize my data to the cloud, my computer, iPhone, iPad, and Android device?

You can manually synchronize your data to the cloud, computers, iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and Android smartphones by selecting the sync button [ button_sync ]. TaskLabels also automatically synchronizes your data when:

  1. Logging in
  2. Logging out
  3. Sharing information
  4. Minimizing/Maximizing the app

Your TaskLabels data is also automatically encrypted when it is sync’d so it is safe and secure.


How do I save my new TaskLabels settings?

Your new settings will be saved automatically once you change them. However, if you happen to delete your TaskLabels cookies on your computer’s browser, then TaskLabels will revert to its default settings. If you accidentally delete your cookies, simply reset your TaskLabels settings to suit your preference.

What separates TaskLabels from other to-do list apps?

TaskLabels is a powerful yet user-friendly application that allows you the freedom to assign dates and priority levels as well as arrange your tasks under multiple labels.

For example, create the task “Buy Dave’s b-day gift” and label it under “Family Gifts”.You can then attach more labels to the task in seconds, such as “Mall Shopping List” and/or “Things to do before June”. Your task will appear instantly under those labels without having to re-enter the information. Once you complete that task, you can select the blue check-mark and it will be marked as complete in any label it appears under. This remarkable function can help you to greatly improve your time efficiency and organization.


What can I use TaskLabels for?

Here are just a few examples of topics people have used TaskLabels for: holiday gift lists, meeting agendas, places you wish to travel, grocery lists, New Year’s resolutions, tips for getting in shape, wish lists, lifelong/long-term/short-term personal goals, books to read, movie recommendations, contacts in New York, skills you possess or want to acquire, exam dates, allergies of you or others, work tasks, personal budgets, favorite quotes, guest lists, household chores, IOUs, packing lists, websites to check out, things to do in Colorado and more.

Can I share my Labels with others?

Yes, you can now Share any Labels of your choosing. Collaborate with coworkers and friends by allowing users to edit and add to your Labels. You can also Share Labels and mark them as Read-Only if you’d like other users to only be able to view them.

And if the people you want to share the Labels with don’t use TaskLabels, you can simply e-mail them an embedded Label’s list with 2 simple clicks!


How can TaskLabels help me achieve my goals?

With TaskLabels you can quickly create tasks and labels, set priorities and due dates and rearrange your workload into bite-sized pieces with ease. For example, create the task “Learn to Speak Spanish” and you can file it under a label such as “My Bucket List”. Then you can easily add it to other labels such as “To Do in 2012” and/or “Research” without having to re-enter the task. This seemingly simple feature can greatly help you to accomplish more.

Which mobile devices does TaskLabels support?

Currently TaskLabels supports iPod/iPhone/iPad and all Android devices.


What if my mobile device gets lost or broken?

TaskLabels has a one-touch syncing feature which lets you backup your data with speed and ease. This data is then securely encrypted and stored on our cloud servers, allowing you to recover and update your information on any new device.


How do I delete a label or a task?


In order to delete a label, tap the Label List icon [ button_list ] and long-press the label (Android) or swipe the label to the left (iOS). A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm the deletion.

With tasks it’s similar, just long-press the task (Android) or swipe any task to the left (iOS) and it will be deleted.

Web app:

Even simpler, just use your mouse to hover over a task or a label and select the trashcan icon [ delete ].

NOTE: There are two types of shared labels: Read-only [ readonly_mini ] and Editable [ editable_mini ]. Read-only labels can only be edited and deleted by the person who created them. Editable labels can be edited and deleted by anyone the label is shared to. In order to view your shared labels, select the Shared Labels icon [ share ] (Web & Tablet), or tap the TaskLabels logo [ PM_logo ] and select Shared Labels (mobile).

How do I archive a task?

(In order to archive tasks, you need to be a premium member.)


Option 1: Long-press (Android) or left-swipe (iOS) the task. A menu will pop up, giving you a choice to archive that task.

Option 2: In settings menu, choose the option ‘Archive Completed Tasks’


Option 1: Hover over the task, an Archive icon will be shown. Click it.

Option 2:  In settings menu, choose the option ‘Archive Completed Tasks’

Can I Sort My Labels?

We currently do not provide a way to manually sort labels. However, we created a Favorites section (Denoted by the star icon: ) that allows users to easily arrange and manage labels that are frequently used. The Favorites section displays icons, each label’s name, the number of tasks in each label, and they are all color coded. Labels highlighted in red mean that one or more of the tasks in the label is overdue.

To add a label to your list of favorites:

  1. Select the plus sign (add_icon) followed by My Favorite Labels.
  2. Tick the relevant labels and select Save.

To view your favorites, select the Favorites icon ().

To rearrange your favorites on your iPhone or iPad: Tap, hold and then drag the label to its new location. From an Android device: Long hold, then drag the label to its new location. Note: There is no sorting function in the Favorites section of the web version.

How do I complete a task?

To complete a TaskLabels’ task, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: From any task list page, tap on the circular task indicator which appears next to the task title.



Step 2: A check mark will appear in the task indicator and the task will be highlighted in green, which means the task has been completed.



Step 3: To un-complete a task, tap on the task indicator and your task will be un-ticked and un-highlighted.

NOTE: Ticking and un-ticking are great ways to keep track of recurring tasks in recurring labels such as a grocery list. E.G., if you buy milk every week, tick it off once you put it in your basket and the following week un-tick all the relevant items in your grocery list and buy them again!

How do I print labels?

To print labels, first open our web app. If you have not yet set up an account on your PC or Mac, please go to www.tasklabels.com/app, select Web App, and then follow the instructions on screen. Be sure to use the same Username and Password that you used on your first TaskLabels’ account. Then Sync ( button_sync ) your data.

Step 1: From the web app, select the appropriate label, then select the Print icon ( print ) located in the upper-right hand corner.

Step 2: Select either Titles to print only the titles of the labels or Titles and Descriptions to print both the titles and the label notes.

Step 3: Then select Print.

A printout of your label complete with check boxes will be printed out.


How do I email labels?

Sharing labels is easy with TaskLabels, simply follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Select the label you would like to email.

Step 2: Select the share icon (button_share).

Step 3: Select the Email this Label option.

Step 4: Enter the email address in the address box provided and then select Send.

A nice printable picture of your label will be emailed directly to the appropriate person(s).

How do I find my TaskLabels Username?

To locate your TaskLabels username, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: From tasklabels.com, click Log In, enter in your email address and password in the spaces provided, and then select the “Log In” button.



Step 2: Once the app fully loads, locate your username in the top right corner next to the search bar and next to this icon [ user_icon ].

username v3


Step 3: You can also locate your TaskLabels username in your iPhone, iPad, and Android device, or on the web by going to the settings section [setting_icon] and then locating “Current user:”.

ipad etal username v2