New Feature: Drag & Drop Tasks into Labels

I’d like to introduce you to a cool new feature that we’ve recently implemented in our Web app – Drag & Drop tasks into labels.


This makes the process of moving a task to a different label (i.e. category) much faster and more intuitive. Now you can get yourself organized in a way you could never do before!




To use this feature, simply open our web app and go to the List view (button_list) then drag-and-drop task into appropriate labels. There are a few things to consider.

Dragging and dropping a task will actually move it from one label to another. In other words, if Task 1 is in Label A and you move it to Label B, it will be removed from Label A and automagically be attached to Label B. If you drag and drop a task that is in 2 or more labels, this action will result in the task moving from the first label into the new label while keeping the other attached labels intact.

An easier way to explain this rule is: the task you’re moving will be removed from the label you’re moving it from and added to the label you’re moving it to.

If you drop a task into a shared label, it will naturally and automagically share that task with the people you’ve shared that label with.

What are you waiting for? Go check this new feature yourself by logging into your Web app dashboard.