Collaborating on Tasks and Projects on the Go Has Never Been Easier

We present the easiest task sharing on the go, ever.

Think about the last time you tried to share a task or a project with someone. Did you manually enter and then e-mail the information to them? Did you use post-it notes at your home or office? Or maybe you created a Google Doc with some step-by-step instructions for someone?

We often manage our to-dos using a mixture of paper, e-mail, to-do apps, services like Evernote, and numerous other tools. But how many of these services offer an easy task sharing on the go option? As in “creating a shopping list on the fly and then immediately and automatically having it shared with your spouse, all within the same app” kind of convenience?

And how many to-do management tools can we use before the sheer number of platforms that are supposed to make our lives easier make it more complicated?

If you, like us, manage your to-dos by using a mobile/web app then it’d probably be a smart idea to use that same to-do app to share stuff with others using that very same app. Call it convenience!

So what is this stuff that can be shared and collaborated on?

Let’s see…

Stuff to be collaborated on:

  • Household chores
  • Grocery shopping
  • Team brainstorming
  • Topics to cover during a meeting
  • Packing lists
  • Moving lists
  • Places to visit on your next vacation
  • (the list goes on)

Stuff to be shared (sent) once:

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Lists of books, movies, music, etc.
  • Workout goals
  • Diet plans
  • (you name it)

So how do I share my stuff and what options are there in TaskLabels?

  • From your default list screen on your smartphone, tap any Label and then select the Share icon button_share at the bottom.


  • There will be 2 options to share labels: 

    A – Share labels with a TaskLabels user.

    You can enter the username of your friend who is already using TaskLabels, then tap the plus sign (+) to add them instantly. You can also set every shared contact to be either read only readonly_mini or editable editable_mini.
    You will only have to enter their username once.
     After you’ve done that, with every future label you’d like to share, a list of previously added contacts will be displayed.

    B – Share labels as a list via email

    For this one, the person you want to share the label with doesn’t need to have a TaskLabels account. From any label page, after you have tapped the share icon button_share, then simply tap ‘Email this label’ and that’ll take you right to the next screen with the email message already generated in HTML. Just enter the recipient’s e-mail address, tap send, and you’re good! It’s that easy.


So there you have it. The number of users you can share labels with is virtually unlimited! Syncing across devices is also instantaneous and secure. No more having to use your PC to send out e-mails or create Google Docs just to share lists of stuff. No more sticky notes. Simply open your TaskLabels app and start collaborating today!