How to Export All of Your TaskLabels Data

TaskLabels will no longer be available after September 15th, 2019. All user data, including account information like usernames and passwords will be permanently deleted after this date. Why is this happening? Unfortunately, our small company can no longer compete with the plethora of task management tools on the market today. We have loved serving you and your list-making needs throughout the last 8 years, and we hope you will find … Continue reading

It’s Time to Cancel Your Premium TaskLabels Subscription

TaskLabels Premium is Now Free Hi everyone! We wanted to thank you all for supporting TaskLabels over the years. We have a bit of good news, but unfortunately mostly bad news that you need to pay attention to if you are currently using TaskLabels. The little morsel of good news is, TaskLabels Premium is now free of charge. For those of you who have paid for a subscription, we wanted … Continue reading