Here’s What’s Stopping Most People from Actually Being Productive: Energy Level Optimization 4

You wouldn’t run a marathon right before bedtime. Similarly, you wouldn’t take a nap right after you woke up. Yet when it comes to deciding what kinds of activities to engage in based on our energy levels, the decision-making process involved doesn’t appear as straightforward. We all have our energy ups and downs throughout the day, there is no exception to that. But how often do we really think about … Continue reading

The First TaskLabels Screencast Is Here! Watch This Tutorial on Adding Tasks

One thing about TaskLabels is that it’s fairly versatile, and that’s putting it very lightly. This has lots of pros as you’re able to literally bend the app into your own system and workflow.But because of this, it can also be a little overwhelming at first to tackle all the features. As much as we try to make TaskLabels as intuitive as possible, we would never trade intuitiveness for versatility. … Continue reading

The Most Commonly Overlooked (yet the Most Significant) Productivity Obstacles 1

Much has been blogged about Parkinson’s Law which is an adage that states:   “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”   This concept was first created by Mr. Cyril Northcote Parkinson as part of the first sentence of a humorous essay published in The Economist in 1955. Mr. Parkinson was studying the British Civil Service and was curious why the number of its employees … Continue reading

You’ve Talked, We’ve Listened: (New Feature) My Progress – See Your Weekly and Monthly Performance!

We’re excited to announce a new feature in our TaskLabels Web app – My Progress! Now you can get a nice visual overview of your performance for the previous week as well as the last month. To do that, simply go to your top navigation menu in the Web app and click on this icon:     The following pop-up window will appear showing your progress report. The first item displayed … Continue reading

How Unchecking Your Tasks Can Make You More Productive

TaskLabels is a truly versatile task manager. However, just when you thought you knew all its features and uses, it surprises you with yet another function that can boost your productivity up a notch.   We recently received this email from one of our users:   I have a grocery label for my frequently purchased grocery items & it’s sorted alphabetically. Items I need to buy are unchecked and the rest … Continue reading

Using the Pomodoro Technique with TaskLabels 1

A Simple, Yet Powerfully Effective Technique The Pomodoro Technique is one of the simplest productivity tools in the market and it has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. If you haven’t heard of it yet, here’s the scoop: Select a task Set a timer to X minutes (Usually 25 minutes) Work for the entire period on nothing but that task Don’t allow anyone or anything to interrupt you … Continue reading

8 Not-So-Obvious Tools to Organize Aspects of Your Life

There’re so many aspects of our lives that can be organized and optimized for efficiency. In this day and age, there’re no excuses for not utilizing the technology that’s available to you at your fingertips, and usually free of charge. It typically now takes just a few clicks to start organizing these areas of your life, whether that be your projects, meal recipes, clothes you wear, or stuff you save to read later. … Continue reading

How to Reclaim Your Focus by Saying ‘No’

Are you trying to take on absolutely everything on your to-do list? Perhaps sometimes you fall into a trap of trying to please everyone and never saying “No” to anything? If so, you need to realize a simple fact: what actually separates high achievers from ordinarily lazy people is not the number of ambitious things that a person attempts to do; but rather the ability to say “No” to all the non-essential … Continue reading

Paper or Digital? Get the Best of Two Worlds with Printable To-Do Lists!

Both paper and digital to-do lists come with their advantages as well as limitations. But what if you could get the best of those two worlds instead of settling on either one?       The advantages of paper to-do lists These are truly interesting times for geeks and techies alike — working on your documents in the cloud, digitizing everything from your receipts to your personal notes, automatic cross-platform syncing … Continue reading

8 Reasons Why You’re a Disorganized Person

Do you ever feel like you can’t get anything done? Stuff keeps piling up and you never have time to enjoy life. You struggle to stay focused. You feel chained to your ever-growing to-do list. You’re not even sure how to organize your life. You feel frustrated, you wanna pull out your hair, you wanna scream! Take a deep breath. Help is on the way. Let’s take a look at … Continue reading

The 3 Major Hacks to Keep Your Life Organized and Clutter-Free

  1. Don’t take on too much, start small The single biggest reason why people keep putting off decluttering their lives is because of feeling overwhelmed. The moment you start thinking about all your stuff that needs to be taken care of, you instantly think of it as a huge project. And what do we humans tend to do with huge projects? We put them off until the situation is critical. So how to … Continue reading

PPT: The 6 Most Common Myths About Working From Home

Working from home comes with certain advantages and disadvantages, as well as its own challenges. See how we debunk the 6 most common myths about working from your home. This PPT also provides solutions to overcome some typical obstacles that you’ll come across if you decide to set up shop at your residence. Click the button below to download this PPT as a PDF. DOWNLOAD

3 Ways You Can Leverage TaskLabels for Getting Fit

Getting in shape is not a simple task. It takes consistent proactive decisions. Those can include: Making sure to buy the right groceries Keeping your fridge clear of any processed foods Making/arranging your meals in advance Remembering to eat at certain times Exercising regularly Researching new recipes to include in your diet Doing new exercise routines All this can be pretty overwhelming at first. Especially if you’re already busy and starting any … Continue reading

4 Ways in Which TaskLabels is Your Ultimate Household Chore Manager

Household chores can be a drag. Especially when there’re so many of them, you lose track of who should do what, when, and how often. Weekly chores like taking the kids to dance lessons can sometimes overlap with bi-weekly chores like going grocery shopping, as well as with some monthly, or even yearly chores.   When you stop to think about it, there’s a lot to do around the house: vacuuming, … Continue reading

Take Advantage of Time Stamps 1

Our computers allow us to see each file’s date: when it was created, last modified, and completed. Consequently, our computers allow us to sort whole lists of files by these criteria. Why don’t most to-do apps allow us to do the same? Well, TaskLabels certainly does. By hovering over the Time Stamps button in the web app, or by tapping the button in our mobile app, you can checkout exactly what date and time your task was created, modified, … Continue reading

6 Reasons Why Sticky Notes Suck

Sticky notes. Post-its. The ‘necessary’ evil we succumb to for the lack of better tools available to us at hand. They clutter up your desk, whether that’d be at home or work, and prevent you from seeing your monitor properly. Eventually you know they’ll fall off and create an autumnal leaf display on your desk until you spring clean them into the trash. And let’s think about trees for a minute … Continue reading

Collaborating on Tasks and Projects on the Go Has Never Been Easier

We present the easiest task sharing on the go, ever. Think about the last time you tried to share a task or a project with someone. Did you manually enter and then e-mail the information to them? Did you use post-it notes at your home or office? Or maybe you created a Google Doc with some step-by-step instructions for someone? We often manage our to-dos using a mixture of paper, … Continue reading