(Possibly) The Only App Out There With At-A-Glance Due Date Indicators 1

In the age of hundreds of thousands to-do apps available on the market, sophisticated systems that automatically sync together on our smartphones and smartwatches, sometimes it’s still difficult to have a clearoverview on what’s going on. We usually have, after all, hundreds of tasks, which are then organized into tens of projects and contexts.

Most apps will allow for some of those ways to view your tasks:

  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • Next week
  • Overdue

That’s usually it. This doesn’t really allow the user to take a glance at their screen and have an overview of all the due dates: tomorrow, 2 days from now, or 2 weeks from now – all on one screen.

Those apps don’t allow you to see whether the tasks you’ve completed had been overdue or not at the time of completion.

This is where TaskLabels App comes to the rescue. For every task with a due date, TaskLabels will show at-a-glance circular icons that indicate how soon is the deadline or whether the task is overdue:



What each circle indicates is number of days before or after the task is overdue.

1 full circle = 8 days.
1 day = 1/8th of a circle.

Why eight, not seven? We figured it’d be hard for our users to figure out out of how many sevenths the circles would consist of. Eights, on another hand, are much more readable – they’re simply halves of every circle’s quarter.

But numbers are not that important. We wanted the at-a-glance due date indicators to be more intuitive than plain numbers. While it can take a little while to fully get used to them, we believe it’s a very powerful feature.

Imagine it’s Friday, May 22nd. This is what the circles indicate:

  • Chest Workout – the circle is almost fully closed, this tells us that the deadline for this task ends today.
  • Back Workout – there is 3/8 of blank space left before the circle closes. There’s still some time (3 days) before the deadline on Monday.
  • Leg Workout – 5/8 of blank space left means there’s still plenty of time (5 days) before the due date.
  • File TPS Reports – uh-oh. The beginning of red circle can be seen. This task is 1 day overdue.
  • Order new chairs for the office – oh snap. This task is long overdue, (8 days or more) you can get the idea seeing that red exclamation mark and a full red circle.
  • Create Logo – this task didn’t have a due date, but if it had, the last status of circle indicator will remain for you to see whether the task was done before or after due date.
  • Weekly Evaluation – when this task was completed, it was already many days overdue (6 to be exact).


So there you have it. Intuitive at-a-glance indicators that don’t add to complexity or occupied space because of how they’re incorporated into the check-box. Let us know if you find this feature helpful!