We actually created TaskLabels for ourselves when no other app on the market was satisfying our to-do list needs. Users like you believe that this app is valuable and that has allowed us to expand on our idea and grow TaskLabels into a comprehensive task manager that we are proud of.

We are always listening to feedback from our users. If we don’t have a feature you want, let us know! Become part of the team and help us continue improving TaskLabels!

Meet some of the people making TaskLabels possible:



Nora is a serious to-do list nerd. Her desk used to be littered with sticky notes but now she’s got all her projects in the app. Nora works mainly on the user experience for TaskLabels but also handles some technical support.

Maurice is an efficiency optimization junkie. He writes at TaskLabels Blog, develops this website and helps other TL users stay organized.

Maurice Dziubinski TaskLabels

Dimi is our UI Designer, she reads your feedback and makes every next version of TaskLabels more smooth and aesthetically pleasing. She also makes great milk tea.

Ivan is the Art Director here at TaskLabels and has the longest mustache grown at the office on record. His eye for design has helped us make the TaskLabels not only functional but beautiful.