3 Ways You Can Leverage TaskLabels for Getting Fit

Getting in shape is not a simple task. It takes consistent proactive decisions. Those can include:

  • Making sure to buy the right groceries
  • Keeping your fridge clear of any processed foods
  • Making/arranging your meals in advance
  • Remembering to eat at certain times
  • Exercising regularly
  • Researching new recipes to include in your diet
  • Doing new exercise routines

All this can be pretty overwhelming at first. Especially if you’re already busy and starting any kind of new habit can be stressful and overwhelming.

But shouldn’t I use a dedicated Fitness app to help me get in shape?

Absolutely! Utilizing a Fitness app is great when it comes to tracking your actual workouts, whether that be running, lifting weights, or playing sports.

But for staying on top of your list of food purchases and other actionable items related to getting in shape, you’ll want to use just 1 to-do app. Something that manages lists and (multiple) labels well. Something that lets you see when tasks are due quickly. And something that’s simple and easy to use. In that case, you’ll want to use TaskLabels.

Here’s how you can leverage TaskLabels in your quest for getting more fit:


1. Create lists of dietary ingredients and include those items in your shopping lists


Depending on what sort of changes to your body shape you want to pursue, your new diet could call for numerous healthy ingredients and maybe some supplements. You’ll want to keep a list of all the things you’ll need to buy. You’ll want to be able to conveniently add things to that list, whether you’re at home or away. You might also want to share whole lists of recipes and workout plans with your friends or family members, or even collaborate with them. TaskLabels enables all of that. Want to consult a friend or doctor about your dietary choices? Just use TaskLabels to email them your food list in 2 simple clicks, or print it in 3 clicks.


2. Create lists of recipes and make them actionable


Like with dietary ingredients, healthy eating habits usually call for developing lists of meals that, on top of being simple to prepare, fuel your body with the best nutrients available on the market. As you discover more and more healthy recipes, your list of Meals to try out will expand. This could be how the process flows:

  • Discover new meal recipes (Research)
  • Jot down or type in newly discovered meals (Input)
  • Decide to try out a particular meal at a specified time (Plan)
  • Prepare the meal (Action)


While Research could happen anywhere (online, during a conversation with a friend, from a cookbook) and Action will usually happen in your kitchen, where Input and Plan happen is entirely up to you. Using a flimsy piece of paper or trying to remember your plan and recipes are not effective or efficient. Using 2 different apps, one for Inputting and storing your recipes and the other one for Planning, is also not effective or efficient.

We suggest using 1 app to manage both Inputting and Planning. This is exactly what the flexibility of TaskLabels allows you to do. Jot down newly discovered meals and recipes. Plan your weekly eating goals and objectives. And if one or more of you healthy meals is exceptional, use TaskLabels to share the recipe with a friend.


3. Create recurring tasks for your workouts


While diet is required to get fit, exercising is essential. You’ll probably want to maximize your workouts by tweaking and upgrading your exercise routines and techniques. Just like with recipes, you can leverage TaskLabels for the Inputting and Planning phases of your Research>Input>Plan>Action workflow.

But what matters the most with any kind of exercise is being consistent and not skipping on your workouts. If you want to be even moderately serious with your exercise habits, you need to have a workout schedule. You’ll also need to decide when you want to workout, where, with whom, what exercises to do, and how often. What works best is setting recurring tasks.

With TaskLabels, you have many recurring options to choose from:

  • One-time event
  • Daily
  • Every weekday
  • Weekly
  • Every 2 weeks
  • Monthly on X day
  • Monthly on every first/second/third/fourth/last Mon/Fri/Sat
  • Yearly

So whether you want to take up running and set it to be a daily recurring task, or you want to create 3 separate recurring weightlifting workouts every week, TaskLabels has got you covered.

But here’s the best part: you can set recurring reminders. That’s right. Just set up your reminder once and any time the task recurs, you’ll get a notification on both your phone and web browser.

We encourage you to create a Label under which you can keep all your workouts. You can even take it further and share that label with an accountability partner (or someone acting as one).

For the actual tracking of your workouts, check out this list of the 10 all-time best workout apps.

So let TaskLabels help you get fit and organize your life!